MYKUT online Real Estate and Appraisal School


Mykut Online offers Real Estate, Appraisal and soon Mortgage courses

For those that knew him, "Should you ever find that you hear Darryl whispering over your shoulder please give a smile and thank him."

Online appraisal education and real estate education for pre-licensing and continuing ed requirements.

Darryl Bradshaw, was an instructor of real estate in Washington state for over 50 years with the Mykut Real Estate School.  He passed away in March 2018 and we wanted to keep his legend going.

Darryl was loved by thousands and not only taught real estate but mentored many in their day to day issues that they may have been having. Darryl loved the students and faculty that he worked with immensely!   He will be missed!!

We make your Appraisal and Real Estate Education dreams a reality.

Because our overhead is low, we can pass the savings of not maintaining a physical building on to you. 

Is it expensive?

Because you don't have to step foot in a classroom, our classes are available whenever you can work them into your busy schedule. We also have fast track  programs for those in a hurry.

Is it fast?